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Maiakraft has a long history and good reputation for producing high quality replica art figures. We specialise in pewter, cold cast bronze and brass sculptures with a huge range to suit all tastes.
We specialize in thermo plating using only pure lead free materials for our pewter products. Each piece can go through up to 15 processes each carried out by hand by skilled European craftsmen. This ensures the quality of our product. Although very labor intensive we feel this is the only way to provide the standard we have set. The end result is a solid and beautiful sculptures with the look , feel and weight of solid metal
Special Orders are available. Many items can be made from pewter, cold cast bronze or brass although they may not be pictured in our site. Also animals can be supplied with any of the book range. All that is required is to describe your preference.

As you will discover, we offer a wide and interesting range of sculptural products.

The range includes:

Art Deco Figures  and Lampsfeaturing famous authors like Dimitri Chiparus, Josef Lorenzl, Ferdinand Preiss, Claire Colinet, Bruno Zach, Gerdago, Paul Philippe, LeVerrier and others. These replicas are the proud creation of Maiakraft. They stand out with supreme quality and accuracy in details.

Executive office items are divided into two categories Desk Tidy Range  and Paper-weight. These wonderfully made items present our range of animals and old English books. Together they are the perfect giftware for any occasion especially for the office of an aspiring executive. The functionality and old-appearance effect of the books makes them even more preferable.
Wall Art section features wonderful range of  Ethno Masks, Christian Icons, Crosses and Bas-relief. Every piece is unique and most of the items are totally original and not available elsewhere.
Planes & Cars category includes three dimensional models of planes and cars developed by Maiacraft.

Miscellaneous is the category with the widest variety of styles and types. One can find delight in the Romantic range or look to find a favorite piece in the       Christian Art world featuring authors like Michelangelo. In this section is also shown our range of Animals available as souvenirs separately from books. 

Our sculptural products require no cleaning, just occasional dusting. They will not tarnish with time. No cleaning agents should be used.
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